Admission - Theresian Academy | CBSE School in raipur | Best School In Raipur

O, My God, I offer you, all I think or do or say today. Help me to do what is right and to keep away, from what is wrong. Bless me, Bless my Father, Bless my mother, Bless my Teachers, all my friends and all those I love, so that we may come to know You, and love you, better everyday.

Bless us O, Father, and bless this food that we may gain strength to study and do all our work joyfully and perfectly.

God, Thank you for this lovely day in my school. Thank you for the love, we shared, The lessons we learned, the game we played, and the fun we had. Guide us on our way, And protect us everyday.

  1. Parents are expected to cooperate with the school authorities to develop and maintain regularity and discipline.
  2. Kindly go through the school dairy and sign the the remarks made by Principal/teacher.
  3. See that the home assignments are done regularly.
  4. Send your ward to school daily in neat, clean and full uniform.
  5. See that your ward brings book and copies according to the time table of the day, and the school dairy is brought to the School daily.
  6. Help your ward to make up for the missed during leave/absence, with the help of the teachers.
  7. Please, take keen interest in the progress and the holistic development of your ward.
  8. Inform any change of address/telephone number(s) well in time.
  9. Regarding uniform, please follow material, colour and pattern prescribed by the school. No other kind or fashionable ones will be permitted.